Nov 9, 2007


Today Jeff got me something really, really, really neat:

A set of Staedtler pens in all the colors of the rainbow!

Just look:

I'm so in love with those it's ridiculous, especially since I don't really need more pens.

But they're RAINBOW PENS! In pretty, pretty colors!

I love them, love them, love them :D (yes, this calls for repetition of some words)

Now I must find something to write.

Nov 6, 2007

3 new hats

Some hats I've finished lately. They're all made from gift-yarn, which explains all the funky colors and textures.

I still don't have a mannequin head, but I think this is a pretty neat solution ;)

The flower on this one is attached to a button, so it can be placed wherever you want it to be.

Just a basic kittyhat, but the thick-and-thin yarn gives it an interesting texture. The hat is crocheted, the ears are knitted. I could not for the life of me make the ears look nice with crochet, not with that yarn.

Mr. Oscar Grenouille here is more than just a hat. He's a companion, someone you can talk to during those long, lonely walks in the snow. He also enjoys helping out with the dishes and vacuuming. A true friend. He lights up even the darkest winter night with his bright green fuzzyness.